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We are LED growing plant light manufacturer from China, mainly do the wholesale business with others. Our LED grow light products always keep a high quality manufacturing, and we offer 6 months warranty for our clients, all of them said we have personalized service and quality products.

If you are interested in our products, you can scan our products on website, or contact us with the inform as below.

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We are professional LED plant growing light manufacturer from China, we manufacture LED grow light and test these light strictly according to the international standard, we have setup own workshop so as to reduce lights cost as well as to ensure the lighting quality. We provide customized package according to specified needs of our clients.

We do business with our clients from all over the world, provide best service according to their needs and establish a  stable cooperation relationship with our clients. We hope we can keep a good feeling with our customers during the period of cooperation, so quality is the first step to keep business. We manufacture our LED plant growing lights and test them seriously, we have our own R&D team to research and design new products, analyze performance of these LED grow light products. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

  • manufacturer

    Our manufacturing department always do their work seriously for quality LED grow lighting products, we always believe “quality is first, development based on sincerity”, at the same time, we made a encouraging praise rule: we will give bonus to the staff who manufacture most quality products.

  • Lightning Fast

    You can finish your work earlier, but you can not delay your work for tomorrow. We require all of our staffs remember this sentence, and do it. We always keep a high work efficiency to make sure we can keep our promise for our clients and our co-workers, because we take highly of sincerity in our work  and business.

  • team culture

    Sometimes we have some outdoor activities together to enhance our relationship, we believe  everyone should keep a good relationship with your co-worker, so you can work better and work with a happy emotion. We are a team, and every members should work together  and do the best work.

What others say about us

Mak Tolbert

I love this lamp!!! This lamp was hanging up within three minutes of me taking it out of the box! The lamp makes the bathroom glow a pale pink color while it is on, and I was easily able to connect it to a timer. Very lightweight, yet robustly built, I’m looking forward to years of service with no more bulbs to change out!  I would like to share this lamp supplier with my friends.

Mak TolbertHouseman
Anna B.

This Grow Light was very nice. It’s only 45W. When compare to Older version this One has UV and IR. Which will help your plants in all stages of the Life. The shape is amazing, combining elegant appearance with high power COB LED chips, our market feedback is really good, My customer like them very much, i want to order 100 pieces more next time.

Anna B.CEO

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